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Dr. Eng. Harrison MUTIKANGA is the Chief Executive Officer of Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited. His background is in Civil Engineering, and he has over 20 years of experience in practical engineering works, as well as management. He is a registered Engineer, and a Board member of the Engineers Registration Board, Uganda, as well as a Council member of the Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers.

Dr. Mutikanga joined the Uganda Electricity Generation Company (UEGCL) as CEO in 2014. In the three years he has been at the helm of the Company, Dr. Mutikanga has fostered Change Management through the Launch 3 Strategic Direction 2015 -2017. Key aspirations of the Strategic Direction were; rebranding and reposition the Company, increasing shareholder value, meeting customer expectations, diversifying the business portfolio, and introduction of performance management systems and processes such as ISO Certification. The theme adopted for the Strategic Direction is Generating for Generations.

He has ably steered the implementation of the flagship projects of Karuma (600 MW), and Isimba (183 MW) which are now in advanced stages. His current and futuristic Goals are geared around capacity Building for the commencement of O&M for the new Plants of Karuma and Isimba.

Dr. Mutikanga is keen in Utility management, Utility reforms and productivity, Performance evaluation and benchmarking, and Multi-criteria decision analysis. He has published over 15 papers in peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings.