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It’s interesting how brands remain relevant even after their demise. But in UEB – no need to spell it out – we have a textbook case of brands that live on for reasons stretching from notoriety to the opposite of it. When the government embarked on an economic recovery model that meant divesture of public parastatals, UEB was in the eye of the proverbial storm.

UEGCL to start operation and maintenance duties at Isimba, Karuma damsAnd for good reasons – at least as advanced then – divesture of UEB was to improve quality of service, connectivity, reliability, reduce electricity losses, attract private capital investment into the sector and enhance overall sector efficiency. Indeed, buttressed by a new law, the Electricity Act, 1999, UEB was split into three limited companies: generation, transmission and distribution.

To regulate their operations and introduce competition in the electricity sector, the Electricity Regulatory Authority was formed. That is briefly the birth history of Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL), a public limited liability company incorporated in March 2001.
From 2003, and in line with the then government policy, the main role of UEGCL was to oversee the concession of the two available government-owned hydropower plants of Nalubaale and Kiira in Jinja by Eskom. Today, UEGCL’s mandate has grown to include establishment, acquisition, maintenance and operation of electricity generation facilities.

A team of engineers are to be hired to examine the cracks on the 183MW Isimba hydropower dam as the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited seeks to rectify a problem that has dogged the project.

Isimba dam to get new engineers to solve cracksDhruva Chakravorty, the new project manager of the Isimba power dam, who has worked on another energy project in Uganda, the Buseruka power plant, said:

“These cracks are already measured and we tend to bring experts to examine this problem and find a solution with suitable planes to work on.”

If all goes according to plan, the people of Kabale in western Uganda could enjoy the benefits of getting additional power on the national grid after the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited moved to revamp the Maziba mini hydro power station.

UEGCL recently took over management of Maziba mini hydro, which has an installed capacity of 1MW, more than ten years after the plant stopped operating.
“In the last several months, my team from UEGCL and other stakeholders have made a couple of assessment visits to the power station to check the feasibility of revamping it,” Dr Harrison Mutikanga, the chief executive officer of UEGCL, said.

UEGCL to revamp one Mega Watt Maziba plant
Joseph Kateera, the managing director Uganda Electricity distribution Company Limited UEDCL (L) hands over instruments to take over the Maziba Gorge Mini hydro power station to CEO Dr Harrison Mutikanga

“Despite the prevailing financial and other technical challenges, the revamping of this project is inevitable,” he added.