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Dr. Stephen Robert Isabalija handed over to Eng. Proscovia Margaret Njuki, the Chairperson ship of UEGCLDr. Stephen Robert Isabalija handed over to Eng. Proscovia Margaret Njuki, the Chairperson ship of UEGCL. The handover took place Thursday, February 2nd ,2017.

Eng. Njuki, was in November 2016 appointed Board Chairperson of Uganda Electricity Generation Company (UEGCL), by the shareholder, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development-for a renewable 3-year term.

The Board of Directors of Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) visited 600MW Karuma and 183MW Isimba Hydro Power Project site to assess the progress of the works.

In November 2016, UEGCL was granted full contract administration powers for the two Government flagship hydro power projects of Karuma and Isimba. The Board’s visits are part of the strategic guidance and overall direction to UEGCL in executing this mandate.

Led by the Chairperson Eng. Proscovia Margaret Njuki, “The Board has noted the

Progress so far made, but also observed a few issues that have been brought forward requiring urgent attention by the contractors if the projects should stay on course,” said UEGCL Board Chairperson Eng. Proscovia Margaret Njuki. “These include the absence of some much needed specialized expertise on site and the none conformity to agreed repair methods for previously observed cracks,” she added.

Provide leadership and ensure efficient and effective management
  1. Provide continuous leadership, supervision, training and development of department staff ensuring an effective and motivated team;
  2. Liaise with the HR department in conducting performance appraisals and ensure competency and training gaps are addressed.
  3. Prepare and submit to the Company Secretary bi monthly progress reports on assignments handled by the Department.
  4. Supervise external and internal legal counsel, issue instructions and review legal opinions prepared by legal counsel to ensure quality.
  5. Manage external and internal legal resources i.e. law books, law reports, databases.
  6. Coordinate the preparation and implementation of the annual Legal Department staff leave roster;
  7. Participate in the preparation of the Departmental budget for review by the Company Secretary;
  8. Prepare annual procurement plans for review by the company Secretary, and monitor their implementation on quarterly basis.