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General project progress at Isimba (183MW) hydro Power project is at over 80% while the installation of the turbine parts (electro-mechanical components) is way past the 60% mark as the project heads into its last five months on its completion schedule. This, according to the Project Steering Committee PSC, is commendable progress and provides the much-needed hope that the Isimba hydro power dam will be on the grid by this years end.


Preassembling of the Stator for Turbine Unit 3 at the Isimba (183 MW) hydropower project has been concluded. The stator is the stationary part of the generator unit. The Isimba (183 MW) HPP has got four Turbine units each with an output of 45.8 MW. Upon its completion, the total expected output will be 183.2 MW. This process of preassembling of the stator to the unit involved lifting it with the Electrical Overhead Traveling (EOT) crane to unit 3 pit where it was positioned for the second stage concreting. Later, the Stator will be covered in a dust free environment to prepare it for winding. Winding is the process of placing wire windings into the stator body. It plays a complementary role in the final hydroelectric power generation in the following way. This happens when a current carrying conductor (rotor) cuts through a rotating magnetic field produced by motion and excitation of the rotor. This results in the production of the Electro-Motive Force (EMF) also known as “electricity” on the stator.

UEGCL NAMES THE NEW OWNER’S ENGINEER FOR THE ISIMBA (183MW) HPPUganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) has named the new owner’s engineer for the Isimba (183 MW) hydropower project (HPP). The Owner’s Engineer is ARTELIA EAU and Environment- a French Company in association with KKATT Consult Uganda Limited. ARTELIA has got a rich global experience in supervising design and construction works for large hydropower developments with proven familiarity to deal with different contractual arrangements such as EPC and Design & Construct contracts (DCC). Whereas KKATT is a local company with a rich experience in hydropower, roads and oil and gas.

“We brought a new dimension in Uganda because the new OE for Isimba HPP is in a consortium of local firm, KKATT”, Dr. Harrison E. MUTIKANGA, CEO of UEGCL told journalists at the Company Head office in Kampala adding that, “this will also will increase the consulting capacity of our local engineers”.

The ARTELIA-KKATT consortium was announced to the local media during an event at the company headquarters in Bukoto, a Kampala suburb on Thursday 18 January 2018.