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On Thursday morning, some minutes past 10 a.m., a cloud of dust swirling over nearby Mpologoma town and visible from the employer’s camp at the Isimba hydropower project site was evidence the awaited guests were here. A total of 65 staff of Electricity Regulatory Authority ERA, in two coasters shortly arrived at the Isimba site. Their mission? A familiarization tour of the project.


The journey to producing the first 100MW of the planned 600MW at the Karuma Hydro Power Plant HPP is fast taking shape. The first of 6 Generator Step Up (GSU) Transformers was last week delivered on site. The Transformer, supplied by Shandong Taikai Transformer Co. Limited China, weighs close to 100 tonnes at 98,100 Kgs. To visualize this, we are talking close to 2000 50Kgs bags of cement! The tranformer’s arrival follows the delivery of other key electro-mechanical components like the Rotor, Stator, turbine runners, shafts etc that’s taken place in the last several months.


For the next 5 days, the 79th Africa Water Association (AfWA) Scientific Technical Council (STC) and exhibition gets underway in Kampala. Hosted at the National Water & Sewerage Cooperation (NWSC) Resource Center at Bugolobi, the exhibition has attracted several industry players in the water and other support sectors; Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) is one of them.