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General Narrative

The proposed 6.6 MW Nygak III Small Hydropower Project (SHPP), located on Nyagak River in Paidha Sub-county, Zombo District, is being developed as a Public- Private Partnership by the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) formed between UEGCL and the procured Private sector Partner.

UEGCL with support from KfW procured International Finance Corporation (IFC) as Transaction Advisor to assist with the procurement of the Private Sector Partner. The procured Private Partner shall be in charge of the design, construction, and operation of the plant for a period of 20 years after which the plant shall be transferred back to UEGCL.

Implementing Agency

Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited


Dott Services Ltd (civil works)

Project Duration

33 months

Project Cost

19.39 USD Million

Funding Agency

GoU and Strategic Partner (Hydromax & Dott)

Owner's Engineer


Project Management Consultant (PMC)

GOPA International Energy Consultants


6.6 MW

Project Status


Civil Works

Project works commenced on 2 May 2019

Construction of civil enabling works such temporary site works and access roads stands at 90% and 65% respectively.

Access road construction to the power house and forebay is complete. The contractor is completing the last section of the road to the weir site.

Excavation works for permanent structures such as for the forebay weir and power house are yet to commence.

Electromechanical Works

Draft Contract and Tender documents shared with Owner’s Engineer for review and approval.

Hydro mechanical works

The draft Hydro mechanical works contract, Tender documents have been shared with the Owner’s Engineer for review and approval.

Transmission line

Yet to Start