Be One of the leading Power Producers in the Great Lakes Region
Sustainably generate Reliable, quality and affordable Electricity for Socio- Economic Development
New Vision & Strategic Direction 2015 - 2017

UEGCL Main Objective
Is the development, efficient operation and maintenance of Power plants and the sustainable generation and sale of affordable electricity to consumers.

However, in tangible terms, the strategic objectives aim to:
  1. Increase hydropower installed capacity by 50% from 380 MW to 563 MW in three years;
  2. Grow revenues by an average of 45% per year;
  3. Improve the financial health from loss of 11 billion to a profit of 2 billion in three years;
  4. Optimize operations to generate more electricity during peak load hours;
  5. Improve investment and operational efficiency with the aim of achieving the lowest unit cost of generation in the region to support government initiatives of keeping tariff affordable and competitive;
  6. Implement a condition-based maintenance strategy that uses new technologies to monitor equipment and performance;
  7. Realise UEGCL’s accreditation to ISO Standards for QMS, Asset Management, Safety & Environment;
  8. Establish a Training Centre and Professional Services Unit for sustainable energy systems;
  9. Build local capacity for operation and maintenance of Karuma, Isimba, Muzizi, and Nyagak III Hydropower plants and support government initiatives of providing employment to the youth.
  10. Invest about USD 5million annually in refurbishing Naluubale and Kiira generating facilities.