Be One of the leading Power Producers in the Great Lakes Region
Sustainably generate Reliable, quality and affordable Electricity for Socio- Economic Development
ISIMBA Hydropower Station - UEGCL

UEGCL Main Objective
Is the development, efficient operation and maintenance of Power plants and the sustainable generation and sale of affordable electricity to consumers.

  1. To implement the Vision and National Development Plan of the Government with regard to the generation of electricity, provision of high quality management and consultancy services as well as training and capacity building of human resources in the Electricity Sector.
  2. To carry on the business of electricity power generation and sale for industrial and domestic use; to both local (Uganda) and export (regional) consumers.
  3. To engage in design, planning, development and operation of electricity Generation projects in accordance with prudent utility practice and international best practice.
  4. To engage in the preparation of annual generation capacity planning in close consultation with relevant stakeholders locally, regionally and internationally.
  5. To engage in the development, monitoring and operation of electricity generation projects whether publicly or privately owned by way of commercial agreement, where deemed necessary.
  6. To lobby for and facilitate private sector involvement in the electricity generation sector in Uganda in accordance with the Public-Private Partnership Policy, Investment Policy, Renewable Energy Policy, Energy policy and related institutional frameworks and lessons learnt from previous engagement with the private sector in existing generation projects.
  7. To engage in the provision of consultancy services in the electricity generation sector and related projects at agreed commercial terms.
  8. To establish a technical capacity building institution in the power generation sector and provide training on terms and conditions to be approved by the Board of Directors from time to time and to lobby the relevant academic regulators locally, regionally or internationally for accreditation of its programmes
  9. To engage with the private sector, donors and relevant government ministries, departments and agencies for purposes of enhancing the technical capacity of the Company’s human resources in delivering on the set targets.